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As It Rains

I’ve no idea
what or how
I might have been
had I not known you
as I did and as much
as I loved your
being who it was
you were to me,
I came to realize,
in the end,
that I would
have traded it all
for you to have been
absolutely anything
other than what
it was you


Superposition, Impasse, Transition and Umbra are also included on Medium in the publication Haiku Hub : S Lynn Knight and Sherry Kappel, editors. As It Rains, Saturday’s Séance, Ninety Minute Wonder, Madness Of Two, Merely Missing and Tuesdays At Two are included on Medium in the publication P.S. I Love You. Writing from the heart. Stories about life, loss and love in the digital age : David Smooke and Dan Moore, editors.

Merci, QT’s Sonia, for inspiration you unknowingly gift me.

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Image › Pixabay

Saturday’s Séance

If I seemed hesitant it was because I had thought that if and when our hands ever did finally touch we might catch fire and just erupt all over the place and yet in other ways we already always do as we fan hidden heat igniting sparks in need of being hosed and so we both internally explode every time whether the other knows it or not and whether we’re there or not so we might as well have just smoked that afternoon in flames you and me.

Image › ANDRIK ↟ LANGFIELD ↟ PETRIDES : Hamilton, Ontario

Image › ANDRIK ↟ LANGFIELD ↟ PETRIDES : Hamilton, Ontario

Madness Of Two

This tether,
folie à deux.

by seductive
light blindingly
white : bent
deliciously primal,

from a distant chill,
thawed by
and take.

Eyes closing,
essentially warming,
as compelling,
intrinsic truths

Image › Marc Sendra

Image › Marc Sendra

Merely Missing

Intriguing how reflection and memory
seem to have a way of mixing things up,
softening some of the hard edges,
smoothing over the rough parts.

Just as departure and distance and time
never really allow one
to completely sever, leave.

Within the remnants will arise
an ever-growing sense of understanding,
once, perhaps, never known.

Desired or not, all moments,
however dire, splendid or tender,
will ensure a fascination
to those who truly wish to see.

For it was. It is.
And as it haunts, soothes and inspires,
it shall forever be.

Lolly, grazie per le parole gentili : lungamente viva Italia!

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Image › Pixabay

Tuesdays At Two

With an artist’s grasp
and near-caress
I fondle a tube of cobalt blue,
unscrew the cap
and watch the pigment
as it begins to ooze.


Reminding me of electric edges,
sun-drenched floors,
old windows
and magical doors.

Memorable discussions at a rapid-fire pace
one-on-one, face-to-face.
Delightful potions, intoxicating notions.

And simple glimpses of grace.