Never-not-walking the three-mile loop around Seattle’s Green Lake. It’s where some of my ashes are; are they not? Then stepping over to Marymoor Park as a 1000 dogs turd the wetlands. Playing at the velodrome and climbing walls. Adventuring south to camp with mongrels both two-legged and four, under the stars and in the trees. Those not-so-distant-mountains echoing a chorus of coyotes.

And more dogs.

Pre-flight, the sprinkler goes ratchety-ratchety-ratchety on the rooftop to cool the house in unbearable summer heat. As I sit back, head-in-hands : reflecting on the porch.

Smelling the earth after rain.

Viva La Cascadia!

Ms. M used to read aloud long excerpts from “Ecotopia” when we were road-tripping California and Oregon and Washington and Canada. The reports and notes of Ernest Callenbach’s William Weston were intriguing and insightful; timeless concepts making us carefully ponder, really think. And wish.

Could one of you gentlemen please point us north?

Like rodents on a wheel we sped! until slipping into the perfect park. Discovering encaustic paintings in the lobby Modera. Pan-fried oysters at Higgins. The flan. Plated-perfection, not-one-evening-but-two. Blustery and balmy. Noses pressed to glass. Overdressing. Gloved-hands-and-a-magical-mattress. The trolley to Lovejoy. The bakery and The New Male. The weirdo in the haberdashery with children we felt sorry. Day passes! Scouting, scurrying once again. Drawings, paintings and a panel discussion in the Pearl on art-making; yawn, take-me-away-as-soon-as-we-can.

The bus ride to the Aladdin Theater : Eric D. Johnson’s Fruit Bats.

Returning to a familiar present I reflected upon the essential alignment of our being. Of our own, private Utopia. And as my insides began trembling, I gasped for air and forced myself to keep breathing.

Similarities; synchronicities.

Time to “lawyer-up”.

Sunday’s Brunch

After we wake, leisurely, and bathe and share our morning hike, we’ll take a convertible ride down La Cañada to Historic Fourth Avenue to BOCA Tacos Y Tequila where they offer morning coffees and mimosas? and chavelas. The kind of place where your tummy growls in anticipation of what’s-to-come. We’ll place fresh, original and unique salsas over our calabacitas tacos strategically, methodically, just as we often dribble icings over our pastries and cakes. Banana salsas : sabroso! We’ll have servers who always wanted to be servers, so everyone will be pleased and joyous and we’ll leave a generous tip and say “muchas gracias!” like they’ve never heard it before.