Sketches From Sabino

“When you come to read me you will ask why I don’t keep to painting and my exhibitions, since I write so rough and disorderly. It’s because now I feel the need for words — and what I’m writing is new to me … ” 

“In painting as in music and literature, what is called abstract so often seems to me the figurative of a more delicate and more difficult reality, less visible to the naked eye.”

— Clarice Lispector

“There must be a kind of painting totally free of the dependence on the figure — or object — which, like music, illustrates nothing, tells no story, and launches no myth. Such painting would simply evoke the incommunicable kingdoms of the spirit, where dream becomes thought, where line becomes existence.”

— Michel Seuphor

Identification : impetus, quest.

To whom do I speak now? and share? this cerebral sketching.

Not all entrances double as exits.

Thoughts which are intentionally brought to life and the ones that simply arrive. Some from within me and the ones which appear from us all : the soul, the sponge and the satellite. Elusive, most times. These precious fragments.

“Need there be discipline and focus?” was heard from across the hall inside one of the smaller offices that had view of the quad.

You are limited only by that which you can think, for that which you can think, you can create. Too.

I think, therefore I am liberal.

The root word of reclusive is recluse, which came from the Old French word reclus, originally meaning “a person shut up from the world for purposes of religious meditation.” Today, maybe one just wants to be alone — reclusiveness describing a person who is withdrawn from society or seeking solitude, like a hermit.


Solitude is a state of seclusion or isolation : lack of contact with people. Short-term solitude is often valued as a time when one may work, think or rest without being disturbed. It may be desired for the sake of privacy.

Yes! Exactly then! When you participate with your nighttime dreams as you are dreaming them. When you celebrate slumber inside a daydream.

Celebrative slumber?